xsmb 2018_SME THRIVE Conference

Virtual Event

10/20/2020 8:00 AM - 10/21/2020 5:00 PM MST

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What does it mean to be a speaker at a virtual conference like THRIVE?
Similar to presenting or speaking at an in-person conference, you will present to conference attendees online. Attendees will see your presentation on their screen, hear your voice and can even see you if you choose to share your webcam. Some of the panel discussions will be in a round table format, some may be fireside chats, while some speakers' presentations will be pre-recorded. In all instances, there will be time when you can answer attendees’ questions during a live Q&A on the day’s presentations.

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The THRIVE Conference offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from subject matter experts about a host of innovative, timely and critical topics key to rethinking your pathway to success.

Gain industry insight about financing exploration, feasibility and construction. Hear the latest thinking about what is ahead – where the opportunities are and what all should be thinking about in this unprecedented era of change.

THRIVE is focused on offering industry executives an opportunity to hear from key leaders and visionaries. This two-day event includes networking opportunities where attendees can contribute to the day’s discussion.

View the full conference website at www.smethrive.com.

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