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Effectively position your products, services and brand for large scale awareness


Increase exposure and brand awareness


Elevate your company in front of the leaders of the mining and metallurgy industry

The Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration brings together the mining and mineral industry’s brightest and most dedicated professionals. More than 13,000 global members advance their careers with the world-class technical resources, educational programs, networking opportunities and professional development tools from SME. Our members are focused on sharing best practices for safety, environmental stewardship and moving mining forward.

Your Connection to SME
Reach your marketing goals and align your message with the trusted and reliable voice of the industry. From brand awareness and lead generation, to thought leadership and product promotion, we offer avenues to connect with the audience you need.

SME offers many new opportunities to connect with your clients directly on SME platforms. Design a cross-platform marketing program that delivers exclusive access to mining, mineral and exploration professionals.

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