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Funding Solutions to Mining's Challenges

SME Foundation provides funding for education and outreach on the behalf of SME and mining industry.

Donations fund outreach programs for K-12 science classroom education, scholarships for students to study various mining engineering and geology fields, and programs to inform the public about the importance of mining in everyday lives.

K by 40 Flash Match Challenge

Encourages philanthropic giving by young professionals.

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Ways to Support SMEF

Learn about the many ways to support the Foundation

The SME Foundation supports projects that disseminate mining and mineral information and technology worldwide; encourages professional development; educates children, teachers, and the public about the significant role that the minerals industry plays in their everyday lives; builds consensus for a strong, environmentally sound minerals industry in the United States and the world; and supports college-level students and programs meeting industry demands for engineers and researchers in the future.


Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) 
Ph.D. Fellowship Program
Academic Career Development Grant Program
Professional Engineers Committee
Mining in Society Merit Badge
Miners Give Back Award
SMEF General Endowment Fund
Syd S. Peng and Felicia F. Peng Ground Control in Mining Award


JH Fletcher & Co Engineering Scholarship 
Ernest K. Lehmann Memorial Scholarship
Stantec/McIntosh Engineering Scholarship 
MMSA/SMEF Presidential Scholarship
Syd S. Peng and Felicia F. Peng Ground Control in Mining Scholarship
Raja V. and Geetha V. Ramani Graduate Students Award
George V. Weisdack Memorial Scholarship

Foundation Leadership

 Mary B. Korpi  President
 Steven C. Holmes  President-Elect
 Bill A. Hancock  SMEF Past President
 J. Steven Gardner  Vice President of Finance
 Thomas C. Rauch  Individual Fundraising Officer
 Hugh B. Miller  SME Past President
 David L. Kanagy  Secretary

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A word from our President

Mary Korpi's video about the foundation


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